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Tai Chi For Health – Yang style Short Form                                           

Terry Dunn will provide students of all levels with expert instruction in the 60-posture Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form (created by his teacher, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen), Push-hands (tui-shou), and even some Tai Chi sword.  Terry’s form training utilizes GM Chen’s oral teachings that develop muscle-free movement, “toes-to-fingers energization”, understanding of Tai Chi’s “soft power” and the rare Push-hands skill known as the slow fa-jing. To accelerate your learning Tai Chi form and principles, you will also learn a wide variety of easy-to-do classical Tai Chi warm-up and conditioning exercises that Terry has distilled and developed over the past 45 years of his Tai Chi Chuan career.

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Oct 24 - 31 2021


All Day