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Learn the different philosophical meanings behind many ancient Chinese traditions and how they relate to your life today. Sometimes what’s old is new again in many ways.
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Learn what is meant by Rites from the great history of Chinese culture. Learn the many rituals that have been practiced for thousands of years by many masters.
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Learn about our 4000 year old history of the Arts. There is great culture in Chinese art that you can reconnect with after years of living in the Western world.
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Tradition, Tradition, Tradition, it can’t be said enough. Learn to embrace the ways of the ancients in your modern day life. Learn the way of a 4000 year old heritage.

An Atmosphere of
ceaseless comfort and luxury

Knowledge of the past and traditions can only flourish in the right environment. Our goal is to create the most majestic atmosphere and experience for the engaged listener. When done correctly, one can become so open as to vibrate as one with the environment and connect on a level only achievable with the right teachers.

Enjoy a Place to Embrace

the Traditions and Ways of the Past

Come to the Chinese Culture Association estate and retreat into a blissful peaceful and spiritual experience. From inside to outside, our retreat will recharge your spirit.

Accompanied by Learning Traditions

Learn the ways of the ancient while enjoying the light from the fire. The soothing roar of a fire with enlightening historical stories is a recipe for recharging the soul.


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accompanied by eco-friendly design

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