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漢協會通過研討會,座談,網站,展覽和現場表演等面向全球範圍弘揚包括“道,藝,禮,術”的華夏道統文化。漢學之藝包括詩文,書畫,戲曲,服飾及園藝;漢學之道包括哲學及科學下的宗教,玄學,醫學;漢學之禮講的是傳統禮教和儀規;漢學之術談的是民俗,民藝,陶瓷,武術,太極,茶,花,香等等,旨在挖掘.弘揚及傳承我漢民族瀕臨絕蹟的漢文化,即道文化, 漢族人發現及創造的文化,希望漢文化通過漢協會這個橋樑讓世人再次了解這個天人合一,道法自然的文化及對世界文化及宇宙的貢獻,讓漢/道文化成為世界的主流文化。漢協會自成立以來,主辦了2015時代廣場漢服走秀,《漢魂秀》頒獎典禮,紐約國際時裝周漢服展演,並且在漢文化山莊以講座,學堂、修習、展演活動等多元化形式,弘揚和分享源自於華夏傳統文化的“道、藝、禮、術”之精華,從而起到東西方文化的交流、學習、互助和並進作用。


The Chinese Culture Association was established on August 4, 2015.

The Association promotes the Chinese culture including “Tao, art, etiquette, and technique” globally through seminars, seminars, websites, exhibitions and live performances. The art of Sinology includes poetry, painting and calligraphy, opera, costumes and gardening; the Tao of Sinology includes religion, metaphysics, and medicine under philosophy and science; the etiquette of Sinology talks about traditional etiquette and rituals; the art of Sinology talks about folk customs and folklore. Art, ceramics, martial arts, Tai Chi, tea, flowers, incense, etc., aim to excavate, promote and inherit the endangered Han culture of our Han nation, namely Taoism, the culture discovered and created by the Han people. Hope that the Han culture will pass through the Han The association as a bridge allows the world to understand the harmony between man and nature, the natural culture of Taoism and its contribution to world culture and the universe, making Han/Taoism the mainstream culture of the world. Since its establishment, the Han Association has hosted the 2015 Times Square Hanfu catwalk, the “Soul  of Han Show” award ceremony, the New York International Fashion Week Hanfu Exhibition, and has promoted and Sharing the essence of “Tao, Art, Etiquette, and Technique” derived from Chinese traditional culture, so as to play a role in the exchange, learning, mutual assistance and advancement of Eastern and Western cultures.

The Han Culture Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with membership and donations as the main source of funds. Schiller Law Group and Julia Li are the main donors of the Chinese Association

For more information about CCA, please visit hancca.com or contact us at info@hancca.org.

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