Pottery and Tao by Jiang, Zhiping 姜志平谈陶与道

陶瓷曾被誉为中国的第五大发明,对世界陶瓷工艺与中西方文化的交流曾产生过重要而深远的影响。有形的陶瓷器物与道家无形的哲学精神之间也有着不同的互摄关系,体现了《易》“形而上者谓之道,形而下者谓之器”的理念。汉文化协会有幸邀请到姜志平,油画家、陶瓷艺术家七月在汉文化山庄为大家由开讲华夏陶艺并现场为来宾展示陶艺制作。姜志平老师2006年毕业于西安美术学院油画专业。2007年北京上苑艺术馆驻馆艺术家,现为洵栖堂主人。详情请关注汉协会网站:hancca.org. 联系方式:邮箱:info@hancca.com/ 电话:(877) 369-8490

Ceramics have been hailed as China’s fifth largest invention, and have had an important and far-reaching impact on the world’s ceramic technology and the exchange of Chinese and Western culture. The tangible ceramic objects and the intangible philosophical spirit of Taoism also have different mutual relationship, which embodies the concept of “I Ching”, “the metaphysical is the way, the metaphysical is the device”. The Han Culture Association had the honor to invite Jiang, Zhiping, an oil painter and a ceramic artist to give a lecture on Chinese ceramics in the Han Culture Villa in July and to showcase the ceramics for the guests. Mr.  Jiang Zhiping graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. In 2007, the artist of the Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum was now the owner of the Qishangtang.  For more details, please follow up CCA’s web: hancca.org; email: info@hancca.com/ Tel: (877) 369-8490

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