CCA to Hold Special Seminars start in May this Year

汉文化协会邀请到世界易经研究学会创办人易学学者何国栋先生及中国剪纸非物质文化遗产传承人戴舫女士来汉文化协会做一系列有关易学及剪纸的讲座, 希望这些讲座能更直接的将中国灿烂的汉文化推向世界。此系列将讲座将从在2017年5月开始。易能带给大家智慧和健康;剪纸将带给大家美丽和震撼。名额有限,欢迎报名,请跟踪我们的网站“活动”栏了解具体时间。

CCA is pleased to announce that CCA has invited Mr. Guodong He, I Ching master (Taiwan), also founder of Global I Ching Association; and Ms. Fang Dai, China paper cutting artist to have series of seminars about I Ching and Paper Cutting Art at CCA, it will start in May  2017.   I Ching will bring you Wisdom and health; paper cutting will bring you beauty and marvel, we are looking to seeing you in seminar. Seats capacity will be limited. Please follow our “event” for detail,

关于讲师 About the Lecturers :


Guodong He at Sinovision “New York Lounge” program

何国栋(台湾新竹) , 易经学者。 他是世界易经研究学会的创始人,家学易经百科,师侍上天下然,其足迹遍及世界,多年来致力于在世界各地介绍易经,曾于联合国主讲36场的《易经》系列讲座,通过《易经》诠释万物及人生真谛,以理,气,数,人,事,物加以论证与诠释。其代表作有:《周易易解》《屈指神算》《玄空姓名学》《易道易学》《用神》《易卦名解》《周易何解》等等

Guodong He (Taiwan),  scholar on I Ching. He is the founder of the Global I Ching Association, learned I Ching encyclopedia at traditional home school, familiar Yin and Yang,   and have spent years around the world introducing/promoting I Ching; he was invited to speak at 36 different United Nations events.  His masterpieces are: <Easy I Ching> <Magic Counting> <Metaphysics Naming> <Easy Dao Easy Learning> <With God>, etc.


Fang Dai in her “Fangjiantang” Gallery

中国剪纸传承人戴舫女士成长在安徽毫州,自幼师从著名民间剪纸艺人吕凤毛。她在创作过程中融入现代技法,给剪纸这一古老的艺术带来革新。 戴舫的作品获得国际剪纸艺术作品展中金奖和中国民间美术博览会铜奖。她在毫州开设“舫剪堂” ,展出上千幅剪纸作品。

Fang Dai grew up and is active in Haozhou, Anhui Province. She had been an apprentice to recoginzed folk paper-cutting artist Fengmao Lv. She infused modern techniques into paper cutting, bringing change to this ancient form of art; her pieces had won Gold Award from Internaional Paper-cutting Art Exhibition and Bronze Award from China Folk Arts Exposition. She operates “Fangjiantang” gallery, which has diaplayed more than a thousand pieces of paper-cutting art.

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