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Your Invitation to Wenzhi Zhang Exhibition Closing Ceremony at QCC Art Gallery


晰晰燎火光,氲氲腊酒香。由纽约市立大学皇后社区学院艺术画廊(SUNY Queensborough Community College Art Gallery) 和汉文化协会(Chinese Culture Association)联合主办艺术家张温帙作品展《大漆为媒》(Daqi as Medium)闭幕式暨己亥年新春庆祝活动,将于2019年1月25日在皇后社区学院举行。届时我们将为来宾呈现汉服、昆曲、传统民乐及茶道等表演。谨此,我们特别恭请您光临此次活动。如蒙应允,不胜欣喜。

2019.1.25日(周五)下午3- 6时
Queensborough Community College
22205 56th Avenue
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364-1497




会长 李玉荣

何国栋易经系列讲座I Ching series lectures with Kuotung Ho

汉文化协会邀请到世界易经研究学会创办人易学学者何国栋先生来汉文化协会做一系列有关易学的讲座, 相信这些讲座能能带给大家智慧和健康,让更多世人知道此伟大的文化。此次系列讲座共计四天/堂,每堂课限额十名,请大家尽早报名。 The I Ching, also known as Classic of Changes or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. Chinese Culture Association (CCA) is pleased to announce that CCA has invited Mr. Kuo Tung Ho, I Ching master (Taiwan), also founder of Global I Ching Association to have series of seminars about I Ching at CCA.  I Ching will bring you Wisdom and health. We are looking to seeing you in seminar. Seats capacity will be limited. 关于讲师 About the Lecturers :   何国栋(台湾新竹) , 易经学者。 他是世界易经研究学会的创始人,家学易经百科,师侍上天下然,其足迹遍及世界,多年来致力于在世界各地介绍易经,曾于联合国主讲36场的《易经》系列讲座,通过《易经》诠释万物及人生真谛,以理,气,数,人,事,物加以论证与诠释。其代表作有:《周易易解》《屈指神算》《玄空姓名学》《易道易学》《用神》《易卦名解》《周易何解》等等 Guodong He (Taiwan),  scholar on I Ching. He is the founder of the Global I Ching Association, learned I Ching encyclopedia at traditional home school, familiar Yin and Yang,   and have spent years around the world introducing/promoting I Ching; he was invited to speak at 36 different United Nations events.  His masterpieces are: <Easy I Ching> <Magic Counting> <Metaphysics Naming> <Easy Dao Easy Learning> <With God>, etc. 地点Location: 675 3rd Ave, Suite#2400, New York, NY 10017 时间Time: Monday – Thursday, May 21-24, 2018 6:15pm-7:00pm: 登记享用茶点  Check In (Refreshments Served), Introduction and Reception 7:00 pm-8:30pm: 何国栋先生讲易经Introducing I Ching $35/class/person online, or $45/day/person at door, 10 seats available ONLY $35/课/位网上定位,$45/天/位现场付费,仅限10 来宾 主持Host: Julia Li: 汉协会创办人 Founder of CCA 主讲 Lecturer: 何国栋Mr. Kuo Tung Ho 易学家 世界易经学会创办人Scholar on I Ching, the founder of Global I Ching Association  Please register on line at: or email to: or wechat at: hanwenhuaxiehui 网上登记:  或者邮件 或者微信: hanwenhuaxiehui  


PayPal: Venmo: Chase QuickPay: Chinese Cultural Association Inc Email:


网站: 电话: 888-252-9618 邮箱:      

九九重阳登高赏秋色Double Ninth Chongyang Festival


October 28 (Ninth month and the ninth day in the lunar calendar) is an important Han traditional festival – the Chung Yeung Festival – and one of the four traditional festivals centered around paying respect to one’s elders. This autumn, the Chinese Culture Estate welcome guests to join in celebrating this festival with us!

Location: CCA Estate at 186 Paradise Lake Road, Catskill, NY 12414


186 Paradise Lake Road, Catskill, NY 12414

Date: 10/28/17


Time: 12:00 PM – 7PM

时间:中午12点-晚 7点

Admission Fee: $30/person at door, $25/person pay in advance online, Free for member and if you wear your own Hanfu, $20/set for rental

费用: 现场付$30/位,网上付$25/位,会员及自带汉服者免费,租汉服$20/套, 需要车服务或住房请提前预订,住宿$30-$200/天(通铺,合用卫浴及独浴),$45/位车资

Contract info 联系方式:


T: 888-252-9618


付款链接 Payment Link



12:00 PM -1:00PM

Registration & Check In (Refreshments Served)

中午12:00点-1点 报到,小点心和饮料


Welcome reception, Introduction of Chung Yeung Festival


2:00-6:00 PM:

1. Climbing high, wellness activities, enjoying autumn view


2. Chrysanthemum hairpins, dogwood


3. Tasting chrysanthemum wine and chrysanthemum tea:


4. Sharing Chung Yeung Cake


5. Paying respect to elders


6:00PM-7:00 PM:

Dinner and Closing Remarks


For guests who can stay a while, Han traditional dancing and sky lanterns around the campfire


Next Day (for overnight guests)

8:30 AM:



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