[Conversation]  Gangzheng Xie:  The Ancient Oracle of the Ho Tu and Lo shu

“河图洛书” 一说散见于早期的中国典籍中,如《尚书》、《论语》、《易传》、《墨子》和《管子》,指自史前时期流传的天启图形。 有人认为河图洛书和易经的诞生有关;易经自身记载“河出图,洛出书,圣人则之。”  河图和洛书也被认为是在河南中、西部仰韶文化之前的文明雏形的证据。“相传圣王如有德政,上天会授予河图洛书,象征天子天命所归,有合法统治的权威。五代以后,洛书也指一种数字排列之图案。有人认为洛书图案是重要的中国传统易理哲学部分,后被广泛应用于风水、占卜等非科学的术数中,为谶纬之学的源头。” 汉协会邀请了独立史汉文化学者谢刚正先生来讲述河图洛书对中华文明文化的见解。

谢刚正,号冈刀一止,出生于山城重庆,祖籍山东枣庄。他长期以来倾心投入于茶文化和中国历史。他是美国茶协常务理事,2005年与人联合举办 “陶瓷之路”, ”瓷国茶乡”等主题文化项目。2016年在广东梅州系统归纳和展现了”河洛茶道“。

In the early Chinese classics, such as “Shangshu”, “The Analects of Confucius”, “Yi Chuan”, “Mozi” and “Guan Zi”, refers to the history of the revelation. River map book relate to the exist of I Ching; the Book of I Ching, state that” Map came from River, Book came from Luo, Saint follows” The river map and Book of Luo are also considered in Henan, the western Yangshao culture before the embryonic form of evidence “According to legend, the king of the king if the dictatorship, God will grant the river map book, a symbol of the emperor’s fate, there is the authority of the rule of law. Five generations later, Luo book also refers to a digital arrangement of the pattern.It was thought that the book is important China’s traditional Yi-zhi philosophy part, after being widely used in feng shui, divination and other non-scientific number of surgery, the source of the process of divination. “Han Association invited independent scholar scholar Xie Gangzheng to talk about the river map book The View of Chinese Civilization Culture.

Xie Gangzheng,  was born in the mountain city of Chongqing, native of Shandong Zaozhuang. He has long been devoted to tea culture and Chinese history. He is the executive director of the American Tea Association, in 2005 with the people jointly organized the “ceramic road” “porcelain country tea” and other theme cultural projects in 2016 in Guangdong Meizhou system induction and show the “river tea ceremony.”


谢刚正先生 Mr. Gangzheng Xie


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