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为琴馆推荐优秀的师资;为学琴者推荐有品质的琴馆; 以琴入道,修身齐家。
1. 琴馆联盟设立理事会,理事会成员参与讨论、执行和决策联盟中的重大事项;
2. 琴馆联盟下设秘书处,负责联盟日常工作;
3. 琴馆联盟设专家委员会(艺委会),为联盟发展献计献策,考评新入会员。

1. 联盟通过微信公众号、微博、线下活动等,为联盟琴馆及琴人提供推广宣传服务,提高琴馆的学员招收率和琴人的知名度;
2. 帮助联盟琴馆解决在运营中遇到的难题。如:

3. 为联盟琴馆提供后勤服务,帮助琴馆对接其所需资源;
4. 对想开琴馆的琴人提供帮助。
1. 为中国传统文化复兴加力;
2. 让古琴回归文人本质,以琴入道修身齐家;
3. 联合志同道合的琴馆把古琴文化推广到世界各地。
1. 琴馆联盟以弘扬古琴文化为使命,以帮助琴馆健康发展为目标,采取自愿加入的原则,联盟为加入的琴馆以及琴人提供相应服务;
2. 加入联盟的琴馆至少有一位授琴老师古琴水平达到六级以上,并对古琴文化有着深刻的体悟;
3. 以个人名义加入联盟的琴人,其古琴演奏水平应达到三级以上;
4. 琴馆联盟倡导“让古琴回归文人本质”的思想,琴人应以礼待琴、尊师重道;
5. 联盟艺委会对琴馆主要授琴老师及琴人进行考评时,琴馆及琴人要积极配合,考评方式以视频考评为主。

Reflections from Han Culture Taiwan Trip

Language allows us to communicate. More so though, language allows us to formulate thoughts and covey abstract concepts. The latter of which is the defining characteristic that separates man from animals. To quote Descartes, ‘I think therefore I am’.

Languages as such, specifically the inherent definitions and epistemology of words, function as philosophical embodiments of a culture’s worldview and shed light on values and morals. To truly understand the core of a culture, one must first fully learn the nuances of the language. The Eskimos for example have more than 50 words for different types of ‘snow’.

For Chinese – or more correctly the Han language – while it is commonly understood that Chinese is based on pictograms, less obvious is the fact that a large majority of Chinese characters are formed by the merging of different characters and their meanings to create new words. In the process, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that shed light on how the Hans interpreted and organized the world around them.

To be honest, I’ve never given much thought to this of a language until the week-long trip to Taiwan from Nov 6-11, sponsored by the Chinese Culture Association, to visit the home of Mr. He Guodong, founder of the Global I Ching Association.

Throughout the week, Mr. He led a series of lectures and discussions in which he effortlessly wove in and out of Chinese characters to demystify the six Classics – Poetry 詩, Documents 書, Rites 記, Music 樂, Change 易 and Spring and Autumn 春秋.

Take for example, the word for Poetry 詩, as Mr. He pointed out, the Chinese word pairs the characters for land and unit of measurement with the radical for speech. Literally, poems are words about pieces of land. Or more elegantly phrased, the Classic of Poetry is a collection of reflections on the wonders of the land with each poem therein teaching us to appreciate the beauty of life and the earth we live in.

Every example Mr. He expounded upon seemed at once so simple and logical yet presenting such a profound understanding that it never failed to always leave me all deep in thought.

In this fashion, the five days flew by way too fast with such much more boundless knowledge left unsaid; leaving me eagerly awaiting next year when Mr. He commences teaching at the Han Culture Mountain Estate.”

by Jenny Chen


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