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感恩節快樂Happy Thanksgiving

披著晚秋氣息 踏著色彩斑斕的落葉,來依山傍水漢莊過一個不一樣的感恩節吧。傳統的火雞,燒烤,配上漢莊特製小點,及其獨有的天人合一的美妙的氣場,相信您和親朋會度過一個不一樣的祥和快樂的感恩節的

With the breath of late autumn and colorful fallen leaves, come to Han Estate, a place is surrounded by water and hills to celebrate a different Thanksgiving Holiday. Turkey, traditional food, barbecue, and special Chinese food, and its unique wonderful atmosphere of harmony between man and nature, we believe you and your relatives and friends will spend a different peaceful and happy Thanksgiving


Time: November 26, 12pm-8pm

地點:33 Tao Road, Catskill, New York 12414

Location: 33 Tao Road, Catskill, New York 12412

聯繫方式/Contact info:



費用:$75/位 (漢協會員,自帶漢服者,65歲以上,12歲以下半價);交通費$50/位;漢服租賃:$20/套,住宿另計

Fees: $75/person, CCA members, bring your own Hanfu, 65 years above and under 12 years are half fee; $50/person for transportation, $20/set Hanfu rental.

付費方式:網上付費享受10% 折扣

Payment methods: 10% discount if pay on line

QuickPay/Zelle :

Venmo and PayPal:

又现重阳Double Nine Chongyang Festival

佳節又重陽 漢莊再逢君. 十月二十五日 漢協會歡迎來賓在景色景色宜人的漢莊共度一個帶有濃郁華夏傅统文化色彩, 趣味橫生的重陽節. 當天你會感受到: 漢服 節日饮食 琴 棋 登高 射箭 詠詩等等

33 Tao Road Catskill NY 12414

時间: 11am-8pm

費用: $75/位(不包括留宿 漢服租賃 交通, 如需要 費用另計:漢服$20/套, 交通$50/位, 至少兩位), 65歲以上, 10歲以下 网上付款及自帶漢服者 20% 折扣






Chinese Cultural Association Inc

Tel: (917) 828-0731
Wechat: hancca

Double Ninth Chongyang Festival

At the Double Ninth Chongyang Festival, we will meet at Han Estate again.
On October 25, the Chinese Culture Association welcomes you to enjoy the Double Ninth Festival in the beautiful Han Estate. On the day you will be experienced with: Han Fu, festival food and drinks, Qin,  Chess, climbing,  archery chant poetry and so on

33  Tao Road Catskill NY 12414

Time: 11am – 8pm

Fees: $75 / person (not including Hanfu, transportation and staying overnight,  it will be changed for: Hanfu $20/set, transportation $50/person, at least 2 persons), people who is over 65 years old, under 10 years old and paid on line, and wearing your own Hanfu will get 20% discount

Registration link:

Payment methods:



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Tel: (917) 828-0731
Wechat: hancca

一食一味話中秋/Moon Festival

十月一日(農曆八月十五),漢文化協會歡迎大家來漢莊共度漢民族仲秋佳節,使來賓感在感受祭月,賞月,詠月,嘆月同時,感悟天上一輪明月,人間萬家燈火。同時備有漢服漢禮展示、月餅製作,射箭,品嘗桂花酒等等. 來賓名額限制25人, 活動費用$50/位。汉服租赁:$20, 来回交通(从曼哈顿$50/人,3人起)聯係方式:

Eating and drinking in the Moon Festival. On October 1st (August 15th of the lunar calendar), the Han Cultural Association welcomes everyone to Han Culture Estate to Celebrate Han Traditional holiday, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. All guests will enjoy communicate with the moon, admiring the moon, chanting the moon, and sighing the moon. Feel the bright moon in the sky, and thousands of lights on earth. At the same time, there are Hanfu ceremony display, moon cake making, archery, osmanthus wine tasting, etc. The number of guests is limited to 25 people, and the activity fee is $50/person, plus optional $20 for hanfu, transportation from and back to Manhattan ($50/per, 3 minimum). Contact information:
WeChat: julia6565
Phone: 917.828.0731

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